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From Boring to Gorgeous Do It Yourself Home Decor Ideas


Redesigning the interior of your house does not have to be expensive or a difficult undertaking. You may easily turn your living area from boring to stylish with a little imagination and DIY attitude. These are some creative do it yourself decor ideas that are suitable for all ability levels..

Repurpose Old Furniture.

Chalk Paint Transformation
Use chalk paint to breathe fresh life into outdated furniture. This multipurpose paint may be applied to almost any surface with little preparation. Select a soft pastel for a shabby chic style or a strong hue to make a statement. For longevity, use a wax sealer at the end.

Using paper or fabric, decoupage
Use beautiful paper or fabric to decoupage and give a piece of simple furniture a new look. Using Mod Podge, this method applies small bits of paper or fabric to provide a distinctive, textured appearance. It is a simple way to give dressers, side tables, or even cupboards some individuality.

Make Personalized Wall Decor.

Canvas Art with Abstraction
Adding color and intrigue to your walls may be achieved wonderfully with abstract art. A blank canvas, acrylic paints, and a few brushes are all required. Use bright colors and expressive brushstrokes to express your creativity. There are no restrictions when it comes to abstract painting, so just paint whatever seems right.

Panels of Fabric Framed
Frame swatches of your favorite fabric to create a quick and simple decor project. Select textiles with captivating textures or patterns, then mount them in straightforward frames. To create the illusion of a modern gallery wall, arrange the framed fabric panels in a grid or staggered design.

Customize Using Stencils.

Painted by hand Accent Wall
In any space, a stenciled accent wall may provide a striking focal point. Get a stencil that you adore, such Moroccan themes, geometric forms, or floral designs, or make your own. For an amazing effect, apply paint through the stencil using a foam roller and repeat the design all the way across the wall.

Furniture Stenciled
Use stencils to give furniture a unique appearance. Stencils may enhance the appearance of your furniture, whether it is a geometric design on a coffee table or a flowery pattern on a headboard. For a more subdued elegance, choose delicate tones or contrasting colors to make a statement.

Do It Yourself Shelving Options.

Shelves That Float
Adding floating shelves to a space makes it both functional and stylish. They take up no floor space and offer room for storage and displays. A wooden board and some brackets may be used to create your own floating shelves. To make the wood fit into your interior design, paint or stain it.

Shelves for Ladders
Turn an outdated wooden ladder into a stylish storage arrangement. To make shelves, sand it down, paint it, and then place wooden boards across the rungs. Plants, books, and decorative objects look great on ladder shelves, which also give your room a rustic feel.

Revitalize with Textiles.

Sew Free Pillow Shams
Pillows are a simple way to update your interior design. Use iron on adhesive tape or fabric glue to create personalized pillow coverings without sewing. To create a statement, use textiles that combine well with your current decor or opt for striking, contrasting designs.

Do It Yourself Curtains
When you make your own curtains, you may select the ideal length and fabric for your windows. Sewing machines can be used to hem simple edges, or iron on hemming tape can be used for a no sew alternative. To finish the appearance, add curtain rings and hang them from a chic rod.

Use Handmade Planters to Add Greenery.

Planters in Mason Jars
Turn mason jars into pretty plants for your kitchen counter or windowsill. You may paint the jars in your own hues or leave them unpainted for a natural appearance. Stuff them full of herbs or tiny plants to add a little greenery.

Macrame plant hangers
Decorating homes with macrame is becoming more popular. Make your own hanging planters using strong rope and a few basic macrame knots. These pots are ideal for enlivening little areas and giving your home a bohemian feel.

Modernize Your Lighting Fixtures.

Makeover of Pendant Lights
Use spray paint and new hardware to give an outdated pendant light a contemporary facelift. To add some excitement, go for a bright color or a metallic finish for a more modern style. To provide more interest, replace the outdated cable with a new one that is a different color.

Mason Jar Lights
With a wooden board and mason jars, make a rustic chandelier. Using metal clamps, fasten the jars to the plank and install tiny bulbs or LED string lights within. For a warm, welcoming glow, hang the chandelier above a dining table or in a quaint nook.

In summary.

Making your house seem amazing does not require a big expense or a lot of experience. These do it yourself interior design ideas can help you add flair and individuality to your room. So collect your supplies, get dirty, and lets get started building your ideal house right now. Have fun with the design.

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